​Allison Chelius - Owner and Comptroller


Ms.  Chelius took a job at Corbin Capital Partners, a fund of hedge funds  with over $5.5 billion in assets.  Her knowledge and abilities were well  respected, and in 2009, she was asked to take on the responsibilities  of human resources and office manager. In this role, she worked closely  with all of Corbin’s different divisions. Her broad skill set and  experience over the past 14 years perfectly suit her role as Comptroller  of October Contracting.



Geremy Chelius- Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Chelius started his career at Ripco  Real Estate in New York City representing landlords and tenants in  retail leasing transactions. Mr. Chelius went to work for Adelhardt  Construction, a New York City based construction firm with a rich  90-year history. In 2012, he started at Foulger Pratt. At Foulger Pratt,  Mr. Chelius and two other project managers grew the SPD Division from  $15 million in revenue to $30 million in revenue in two short years. Mr.  Chelius was promoted to project manager of a large multifamily  project in Loudoun, VA and later a $120 million dollar project in  Washington, DC. Currently, as Operations Manager of October Contracting,  Mr. Chelius is looking to cultivate and develop the company into one of  the region’s top client focused construction companies.